Tierra de Canto: A Mezcal That
Tastes Like History.

Rooted in the cultural lifestyle of the villages, mezcal is an historic, traditional and handcrafted beverage made of agave.

Tierra de Canto is a mezcal with particular aromatic characteristics due to its blend, conformed by three different types of agave: Mexican, Arroqueño and Espadín, one of them grown and produced exclusively in Oaxaca.

Our mezcal ripens with master Fernando Bustamante’s songs, who learned and inherited this recipe from his father, and his father from his father, for many generations. Tierra de Canto tastes like history because its secret is transmitted like life itself and tastes like music because it’s made with music, which grants it a unique, vibrant and special quality.

There are eight states in Mexico with agave tradition, Oaxaca being one of the most representative ones and where our mezcal Tierra de Canto is grown, harvested and produced.

the heart of this mezcal beats.

Listen to the song
The masters guitar

The Process

We live our mezcal

We live our mezcal
Tierra de Canto is a proud Oaxaca company that seeks to introduce in the tables of Mexico and the world the best organic and handcrafted mezcal, preserving the same traditional process in its preparation.

At Tierra de Canto we emphasize the importance of teamwork and being socially responsible, applying fair and equitable practices in the production and commerce of all our products. We promote both professional and personal development of our collaborators and associates.

Conscious of our environment, at the Tierra de Canto we uphold a firm commitment to activate efforts and reforest our raw material, the agave plant, as well as encouraging the responsible consumption of our mezcal.
Handcrafted distinction

Handcrafted Distinction

We were recently bestowed with the certification granted by the COMERCAM, the official regulating council that endorses the fulfillment of norms and quality standards of our processes as well as the designation of origin.


For more information visit http://www.crm.org.mx